The wildest kinds of yoga

It’s been a wild week. I adopted a super sweet doggy last Saturday named Summer, an 11 month old husky/white shepherd mix who had a tough life as a stray. I also learned what it’s like to give zero shits about my appearance, priorities and even a few meals here and there (oopsies) and basically became a new mom. On Wednesday night, which was the first time I left her at home, I took a new (and very challenging hybrid-style) “Bikyasa” yoga class at my main studio in Toronto which really did feel AMAZING, but came home to a very anxious pup who went insane and morphed into an uncontrollable, inconsolable werewolf on our midnight full-moon walk.

Day one with Summer

And now, on day 6 with my wild wolf pup sleeping soundly on the cool, ceramic tile floor at my feet, I’m able to finally write something. I was actually inspired this morning by Summer’s beautiful downward dog — I decided I’d copy her and she promptly came and laid down beneath me. Though I’m familiar with “Doga“, (if you didn’t get the memo, that’s Dog-Yoga) I’d never really considered it until this moment. And what about these kinds of yoga:

  • Goat Yoga
  • Beer Yoga
  • Ganja Yoga
  • Naked Yoga

goat yoga
Goat Yoga in action

Then I Googled “weirdest kinds of yoga” to see what I haven’t heard of, and up came Food Yoga, Horseback Yoga, Rave Yoga and Twerking Yoga, to name a few. Are these beneficial, are they money-grabs or are they just plain silly? Personally, I’m not too sure at this moment, but I can say that trying something new and perhaps taking a step away from your comfort zone and into the wilderness just might humble you a little.


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