The Yogic Playlist

Music! It can change how we feel in an instant. It makes the best times memorable and the worst times bearable. It gives us something to relate to, no matter what’s going on in our lives. But what’s most amazing about music is that it moves us – both inside and out.


I find that my selection of tunes varies greatly depending on my current mood or activity. So while I do have some dope-ass playlists including “401 Traffic Jamz” and “Fireside Sangria Sipping”, we’ll save those for another day and get on with my general go-to Yogic Playlist (after all, this is a yoga blog). It fits roughly over a 60-minute practice that warms up in the beginning and cools down at the end. Enjoy!

  1. Teardrop – Massive Attack
    Random fact: this is also the intro soundtrack in the show “House”.
  2. Rain Falls – Andy Cato
    This also makes for a great “in-the-shower” track.
  3. I’ll Be Good – Jaymes Young
    Heard this gem at the studio and had to find it that same night.
  4. Awake – Tycho
    Just like its name, this catchy track is sure to wake you up. I always imagine my blood and energy pulsating around my body when this one comes on.
  5. Intro – The XX
    Similar to the previous track in that there are no lyrics – but enough melodic beats to let you catch your breath and go again.
  6. Fast Lane – Rationale
    This one makes me feel like I’m doing yoga on the beach in the Caribbean with a fresh Pina Colada waiting for me when I’m done.
  7. Holding On for Life – Broken Bells
    So you’re tired af but this song lets you know (in a very chill way) that you can keep hangin’ in there.
  8. Hero – Regina Spektor
    This track will let you let out all the breath. All the exhaustion. All the feelings.
  9. Something Just Like This – Madilyn Bailey
    A slightly more uplifting (and familiar) piano track than the one previous, to bring you back down to your mat and maybe even crack a smile for being in exactly the right place at exactly the right time.
  10. Wonderwall – Ryan Adams
    Another cover but one of my favourite covers of all-time ever. Picked it up years ago after it was featured on The O.C.

Stay tuned for more playlists that help move me in my practice including “Warrior Flow“, “Yoga Love Story“, “Namasdrake” and “Stranger Yoga“…

Namaste~ on the dance floor.

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