Sequencing for the Heart

Today sucks. Actually, the whole month of January kinda sucked. Most of us here in Toronto are now in that post-holiday mid-winter blues, recovering our bank accounts, avoiding the outdoors, and resisting the urge to hibernate. We spend these months walking around hunched inwards, protecting ourselves from the harsh winter elements. Our chest contains our most vital organs, and our bodies naturally want to defend them. But we must remember to reopen, reveal and re-energize to help balance our bodies and our blues.

As a brand spankin’ new teacher I’ve been somewhat grateful for these sucky days, it’s given me time indoors to plan and practice my flow. So, here’s a heart-opening sequence that aims to warm you from the inside out! Try it at home or come to my mock class on February 11th and take it with me!

[Sequence: Vinyasa HeartFlow]
 Props: 2 blocks, 1 strap

-Supported Fish
-Knees in, rock to Tabletop
-Cat/Cow x3
-Cat/Cow Wrists
-Cat/Cow Leg/Arm Extensions x3
-Downward Dog
-Walk up to Uttanasana/Forward Fold
-Roll up to Tadasana/Mountain Pose

-Surya A Slow
-Surya A x3
 (Option Cobra or Upward Facing Dog)
-Surya B x3
 (Upward Facing Dog)
-Tadasana Mountain Pose/Regrounding
-Surya B with Hip Opening, Warrior 2, Reverse Warrior Ribbon
-Surya B with Hip Opening, Warrior 2, Reverse Warrior, Triangle Ribbons
-Surya B with Hip Opening, Warrior 2, Reverse Warrior, Triangle, Wild Thing Ribbons
-Optional Vinyasa or Meet in Downward Dog

-Drop the knees, Child's Pose
-Walk hands forward for Melting Heart
-Child's Pose (Traditional, arms along the body)
-Locust/Floor Bow
-Roll the spine up to seated
-Shoulder/Chest opening with Strap

-Hug knees into seated, Third Eye grounding
-Roll slowly down to Corpse
-Come to seated, hands on heart

Take this sequence with me on February 11th!

“Vinyasa HeartFlow” Mock Class 
Sunday, February 11th @ 12:30pm
Be Hot Yoga Toronto
43 Colborne St.
Toronto, Ontario

Or, book me for a private session:

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