Mission, Vision and Values


Helping others is in my blood. Most of the women in my family were in the medical field – nurses, radiologists, physical therapists. It took me 6 years after post-secondary to realize that I needed to do something more meaningful with my life, so I decided to combine my personal passion of yoga with my marketing career and launch this business.

Yoga saved my life. It gave me refuge for the majority of my 20’s, the decade in which most of us have the highest percent of shit-storms. It helped me cope with anxiety, depression and self-esteem. It made me feel strong. It made me become aware of myself.

There’s a quote I think of often; “be you who you needed when you were younger.” So how can I be of service? By using yoga as a tool to help others. I am here to pay it forward. I am here to spread love. I am here to make a positive impact on this world.